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What do your products say about you?

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It is a very sad fact that there are many businesses out there (even dare I say it some of the $200 Lash Artists!) who market themselves as high quality Lash Stylists, but then use cheap Lash products. I know our customers, and I know they want what they pay for… and what they pay for is quality products supplied by a professional. If you paid top dollar for a service, would you want to walk around with fake product? No way you would want the real deal! Think about the analogy of the Prada handbag rip-off, bought from a vendor at a Piazza in Rome... I was in Italy for my 30th and purchased one of these knock-off bags, it was a Prada, I thought, hey it's pretty… Who will know...? Of course the super-glued gold Prada logo fell off within a few days. Hmmm not really value for money after all!
Before I get sidetracked thinking about Italy! Back to Lashes. Lets do some simple maths so we can see the difference in cost between our products and cheaper products.
Let's take a 12 line tray of quality Lashform Mink Lash Extensions which should usually do for at least 12 clients
• A quality $32 tray – Lashform price for mixed trays, means your cost per client is $2.67
• A cheaper $20 tray, means your cost per client is $1.67
• An even cheaper $16 tray, means your cost per client is $1.33
Now you can clearly see for the superior Lashform Mink Lash tray we are only talking about a difference of a couple of dollars at the most per client! Is a couple of dollars really worth losing valuable clients over?
We at Lashform seek to be influencers in the Lash Industry. We want to see high standards set and maintained in the NZ and Australian Lash Industry. We only use quality products ourselves, we train our students to use quality products and we encourage them to continue to use these in their own businesses.
At the end of the day, quality products shine head and shoulders above the rest! Be proud of the products you use in your business and feel good about promising your customers that they can rest assured they will only receive the best products when they come to you.