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Our Story


From the first moment I heard about eyelash extensions I was completely captivated. Mascara was the one item of make-up I could not live without. I was the type of girl who would secretly reapply after a swim (yes, that was me). I was completely and utterly addicted! My natural mother was the first to show me eyelash extensions while using them as a confidence booster after a course of Chemotherapy. They looked absolutely amazing and they fascinated me. I couldn't see where or how they were attached. There was nothing glued to the skin and no signs of any joins. I was impressed and intrigued. I made an appointment for myself, after which I was hooked! My mascara days were well and truly over! I loved them so much I decided to become a Lash Stylist and within a few weeks undertook the available training, which started my journey to become a Certified Lash Stylist, and then a Lash Extension Trainer. This ultimately led me to creating my own brand, Lashform, and my own Lashform Training Program. I am dedicated to ensure Lashform will always offer the very best and safest products available. Products that are made in countries where the beauty industry is regulated and manufactured by companies highly invested in being at the forefront of new technologies and constantly striving for perfection. I am extremely proud of the reputation Lashform has built for offering the best products and most comprehensive Certified Training, which even the most esteemed Salons and Day Spas are proud to offer their clients. We share our beautiful space with two other businesses who are also dedicated to provide the very best quality service to their clients; Natalie Gibson SKin health and brow love and Refine Asthetics. Our small team of three Lisa, Georgia and Emily all have a passion for providing a professional service to our distribution and salon clients. Georgia maintains our social media platforms and provides training and ongoing support to those interested in becoming Lash Artists. Meanwhile Emily takes care of our admin tasks including website updates and responding to customer enquires; She is also our most recent addition to the team as a Lash Artist.