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The times are changing...

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I have now been lashing for about 7 years. Over those 7 years the Lash Industry has come a long way. I want to share with you my passion about changing the way we do things in the Lash Industry and how we need to continue to follow international trends.
There are so many techniques involved in applying eyelash extensions, from Classic to Mega Volume, as well as so many different types of lashes, from the old school Loose Lashes to Mink trays, not to mention all the different thicknesses! When I first learned to Lash I was trained on Loose Lashes, I still feel there is a lot of merit in being trained on these babies as it's still important to learn how to pick up a lash right? We still have Loose Lashes in our kits at the salon, we still use them in our training and we continue to sell a lot of them.
What I don’t love about the Lashing I did back in the day was the thickness used, I guess maybe my taste has changed? Or maybe I am older and more sensible? My taste now leans towards a finer thickness lash. You can still get plenty of volume with a finer thickness lash and you can also make them look super natural. Plus it's better for natural lashes too. It is my passion to change the way we doing things and use finer more natural lashes. They ARE my love affair!
I do love Russian Volume Lashes, as we use even finer lashes and apply more of them per lash to create an amazing 'fluffy' look (my new favourite lash buzz word!) With the Russian Volume technique you can also create amazing mega volume. If I'm being honest I'm not a huge fan of mega volume – I think the skill used is required, and wow they look amazing, but they just aren’t my cup of tea! The new-age-lasher in me (and this sentiment is echoed by all the super-skilled lash artists I chat too out there) loves fine, Classic Extensions and super fine 'fluffy' Volume Lashes. I’ve noticed a bit of lash bashing on the old 0.20 and 0.25 Classic Extensions and even 0.15’s aren’t that popular. I would personally NEVER use anything heavier than a 0.15 these days but I did find myself pondering this after I read the aforementioned 'lash bashing.' Volume Artists have said 0.20’s are bad for lashes, however all those people doing mega volume are using more than that right? If you use 0.05 extensions for your Volume Lashes or even if you are doing something like 4 or 5d isn’t that heavier than the old 0.20 Classic Extension? Food for thought! I still prefer a volume look to a Classic 0.20 Extension and I think they also feel nicer to touch and to wear. Whenever I use fine extensions or super fine Russian Volume Lashes on a client, they never want to go back!
My absolute favourite set would have to be… Classic Lash Extensions using 0.10 mink lashes mixed with volume lashes in different lengths and curls. In the lash world we called this a Hybrid Set or a Camellia Set and they are truly soft, 'fluffy' and full. Definitely my favourite cup of tea!
Love Emily