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Lash lifting stick


$18.00 $4.99

The Lift- Lash lifting range

Individual glue, Stick.

All adhesives are water based & designed to be safety applied for professional use only 


Lashform Has 3 strengths on Lash Lift Glue to accommodate to all preferences. 

- White ~ Super Strength

This adhesive sticks the Natural lashes almost instantly and has a great hold throughout the service, However more time is needed unsticking the lashes from the pads after the service is complete. This glue is also thicker therefore more perming solution is needed to be applied to ensure it is able to reach the natural lashes. 

- Clear ~ Extra Strength 

This adhesive takes a little longer to gain its tackiness and stick the Natural lashes to the pads. It is a happy medium between the three available glues and is easy to remove the natural lashes from the pads after service. 

- Clear ~ Weaker Strength 

This adhesive is a bit harder to use, it is thinner than the other two and takes longer to gain its tackiness and stick the Natural lashes to the pads. However, the results of the Lift when this glue when used correctly are impressive. Due to the thinner glue the solutions can penetrate the natural lashes faster and better along with the natural lashes easily detaching from the pads after service.