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Our Team

Lisa White


Lisa has been in the Eyelash Extension industry for over 9 years, working in both New Zealand and Australia. Lisa is passionate about supplying and using the highest quality products available, and is dedicated to training and maintaining high standards within the industry. Lisa has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is regarded as a Master Eyelash Extension Artist.

Emily Millsteed


Emily Millsteed Trained by Lisa 7 years ago, Emily is very experienced in applying high quality eyelash extensions and extremely passionate about high quality products, applications and international trends. Emily is also a Lashform Educator and has trained salons all over the South Island. Emily holds the highest level of eyelash extension certification.

Georgia O'Neill


Georgia is our Lashform Lash Lifting Specialist and Educator. As well as our apprentice Master Lash Stylist and Educator. Georgia has been working with us for nearly one year and is also currently doing a Business Degree at Canterbury University. Georgia is young and up-to-date on all current trends so we love having her here to keep us on our toes!

Mihiata Albury


Mihiata is our campaign stylist and is also a very talented photographer, she has an amazing talent of making everything beautiful.

Alice Lambie


Alice is our team make up artist. There are make up artists and then there is Alice...Super talented.

Natasha Woods


A recent convert to the wonders of the eyelash extension (and now completely addicted!) Natasha looks after Marketing at Lashform. Having worked in the design/marketing arena for over 10 years, both in NZ and the UK, Natasha is looking forward to helping Lisa and Emily take Lashform to the next level.